Afarejuvi.caps – Are They For Real?

So I too recently received something in the mail from Afarejuvi.caps.  I figured a review was in order.

I decided to check out the things that Victor Mayfield talked about in his post over at the Reviewers Facts website.


Victor said that he had done some research about the claims that this company/product makes and I thought I’d do the same – just like he did – to see if there was anything to it.

It turns out that he was right.  I couldn’t make any connections with what Afarejuvi was saying and the truth.  It really does seem to be a scam.

Are The Benefits of this New Product real?

Now I really hate to start being snarky about a new product on the market – I have been in business for myself after all and know how hard it is to get people to accept a new product and to start using it and see the benefits.

The problem with Afarejuvi.caps is that I can’t find anything to back up their claims.  NOTHING.

Victor has it right as far as I am concerned – there is nothing to back up the claims being made by them as far as the health benefits to be gained by ingesting their “pill”.  Until I see further evidence I think I will take Victor’s advice and stay away from it.

Click here to read Victor’s more thorough review over on the Reviewers Facts website.


Sammy Marcusoni

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